IDSevPriOSAsigneeStatusResolution Summary
544648 urgent urgent Linux Permaine Cheung NEW Can't set PATH for ant exec tasks
588083 urgent urgent Linux Stanislaw Gruszka ASSIGNED wi-fi on T60 547589 urgent urgent Linux Kernel Maintainer List NEW Kernel prevents login using X 514323 high urgent Linux Tomas Mraz NEW freeradius wants restart/reload on a renewal of CRL. 543660 high urgent Linux Marcela Mašláňová ASSIGNED Problem trying to download zipped backup 332781 high urgent Linux Søren Sandmann Pedersen ASSIGNED No sound for non-root users 502072 medium urgent Linux Nalin Dahyabhai NEW After enabling LDAP authentication/identification, booting system hangs starting dbus.... 591560 medium urgent Linux Milan Crha NEW Meeting times shifted in Calendar 489492 urgent high Linux Juan Manuel Rodriguez NEW beagle-thunderbird doesn't work in rawhide with thunderbird 3 447489 urgent high Linux Kernel Maintainer List ASSIGNED [x86-64] No network with 4GB RAM support 536892 urgent high Linux Kernel Maintainer List NEW Kernel freezes on boot 557296 urgent high Linux Jerome Glisse ASSIGNED After Yum Update, X Windows Results in Blank Screen 576585 high high Linux Pavel Alexeev (aka Pahan-Hu... ASSIGNED the js package is compiled without utf8 support 478000 high high Linux Adam Jackson ASSIGNED KMS:i845 and UMS:i845 hangs with black screen on boot (mouse alive on KMS) 530242 high high Linux Harald Hoyer NEW Cannot Connect to Internet with Dial-Up Modem 545469 high high Linux Ngo Than NEW vboxgetty dies with <F> You *must* set a user/group (not root)! 527515 high high Linux David Huff NEW lxde nightly livecd does not boot 462412 high high Linux Rodney Russ ASSIGNED JTextArea & JTextField do not send XIM_SET_IC_FOCUS & XIM_UNSET_IC_FOCUS events to XIM server 517486 high high Linux Kernel Maintainer List NEW I/O error when laptop finish suspend/resume,which boot form LiveCD 511570 high high Linux Chris Weyl ASSIGNED FTBFS perl-MooseX-Traits-Attribute-CascadeClear-0.03-2.fc11 544220 high high Linux Kernel Maintainer List NEW Kernel hangs on SCSI probing 537738 high high Linux Adam Jackson ASSIGNED Abruptly Logged Out of GNOME and Dumped at GDM 569497 high high Linux Kernel Maintainer List NEW Fresh F12 install fails to boot 542742 high high Linux Adam Jackson NEW [RFE, packaging] Missing conflicts make yum think you can use older xorg-x11-drv-* drivers 514038 high high Linux Kernel Maintainer List NEW /dev/ttyUSB0 unavailable after suspend/resume ( umts/sierra module ) 512845 high high Linux Martin Stransky ASSIGNED setroubleshoot: SELinux is preventing firefox from changing a writable memory segment executable. 527209 high high Linux Chuck Ebbert ASSIGNED Large file transfers are killing BCM5906M tg3 Ethernet card 565223 high high Linux Panu Matilainen NEW getOutputFrom() failure terminates builds 511470 high high Linux Axel Thimm ASSIGNED FTBFS libFoundation-1.1.3-11.fc9 500655 high high Linux Tomáš Bžatek NEW segfault in avahi_service_resolver_event() 593140 high high Linux Andreas Bierfert ASSIGNED All text replaced by empty squares in Wine 530109 high high Linux William Jon McCann NEW gnome-screensaver kills the entire X session 432062 high high Linux Jesse Keating NEW Sharing compiler cache between the mock users seems to be a bad idea 511770 high high Linux Ian Burrell ASSIGNED FTBFS perl-SVN-Mirror-0.75-2.fc11 553822 high high Linux Seth Vidal NEW RFE: yum should tell you when someone is doing MitM on your SSL connections (eg. metalink requests) 513524 high high Linux Adam Tkac ASSIGNED [Fedora 11] When using TigerVNC connecting to a system with Dual head second display is cut off 554363 high high Linux Richard Hughes NEW /usr/libexec/devkit-power-daemon does not detect that a powercut has occured and that the system is now running on battery power 496226 high high Linux Dan Williams ASSIGNED [enh] Creating wireless ad-hoc networks should prompt for root password 472515 high high Linux Adam Jackson ASSIGNED occasionally X crash on ThinkPad R52 528754 high high Linux Justin M. Forbes ASSIGNED qemu-kvm segfault caused by -soundhw es1370 517480 high high Linux Richard Hughes ASSIGNED in laptop compaq nx6125,it can't wake up from the suspend. 511425 high high Linux Jonathan Robie ASSIGNED FTBFS xqilla-2.1.3-0.6.fc11 499750 high high Linux Cole Robinson ASSIGNED libvirt VM migration fails with "error: Unknown failure" 474009 high high Linux Martin Gracik NEW crash (?) in firstboot if hit cancel in "Contacting NTP servers..." dialog 542993 high high Linux Anaconda Maintenance Team NEW It is impossible to install Fedora system with a Russian keyboard selected. 527440 high high Linux Tomáš Bžatek NEW Application is not exiting when I log out 511734 high high Linux Jef Spaleta ASSIGNED FTBFS ScientificPython-2.8-4.fc11 550480 high high Linux Paul Wouters NEW TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects 556647 high high Linux Kernel Maintainer List NEW Wireless connection looses conectivity immediately after assoc and dhcpclient 540002 high high Linux Simo Sorce NEW address already used